Saturday, March 13, 2010

Hide 'n' Seek on Tiritiri Matangi

While hiking on Tiritiri Matangi island in the Hauraki Gulf I encountered a Bellbird who had no interest in being photographed. It was quite happily feeding on the berries of a Large Leafed Mahoe bush and would prefer to do so without an audience.

The Bellbird, or Korimako in it's Māori name, never did let me get a good shot of any more than it's neck and head.

Fortunately for me I later ran into several of it's cousins who had no such reservations.


Lorrraine said...

awesome photos ray!

Tiritiri Matangi said...

Tiritiri Matangi is a place where one can enjoy the beauty of native bird song amidst bushland. The island is home to about 78 different species of birds, including some of the most endangered ones like Kokako, Stitchbird and Takahe. Besides, little spotted kiwi, Brown teal pateke, Takahe, Red-crowned parakeet, Whitehead, North Island robin, North Island saddleback, Fernbird matata and North Island Tomtit are also spotted in this island.